Health Wealth & Happiness

The winning combination for True Fulfillment includes the three components of Health,Wealth and Happiness. Without optimizing all three, there always feels like something is missing.

Similar to everyone I know, my health has room for improvement. I often have pain and low energy that feels too much for my age. I speak regularly with individuals who are making many of the lifestyle changes that their doctors have recommended…AND THEY STILL FEEL SICK.

Please understand, I have been there as well AND I AM MAKING A CHANGE…

Early in my career, I experienced visual loss migraines. I called my Neurologist and asked if there were ANY  life style changes he could recommend. I was already on daily migraine medication, and I did not want to take an increased dose. He said “No,” and put me on a second medication that had worse symptoms than the migraine itself!

I did not take “No” for an answer. I sought out a Spiritual Coach who gave me lifestyle techniques to heal my migraines. By changing my thoughts and behaviors, I was able to accomplish what my Neurologist said was impossible. This was the beginning of my quest to discover, “Why some people heal and others don’t.”

Could the answer be as simple as STRESS LEVELS?

Not exactly.

How we perceive our environment is influenced by our state of mind (a.k.a. our thoughts and emotions). Stress is an emotional by-product when we perceive that things are not how they should be. My migraines improved immensely when I discovered how to  stop comparing my hopes and dreams with my reality.

But then my reality got worse.

Even though I am a doctor, my salary could not keep up with my student loans and expenses. Even with a good paying job, we fell into more and more debt. My ability to accept reality and enjoy what I had, turned into financial burden and limitations. We stopped going on vacations and my husband and I worked extra hours just to stay in good standing with our creditors. It was like walking a tight-rope that was only one thread away from snapping.

One day I was studying The Law of Attraction and I clicked on a button that offered an email to include Seven Videos to “Change My Life” and I strongly recommend you  «click here and do the same.»

I will email you these videos so that you can listen to my mentors, Stu and Jay,  explain how you can develop and on-line business.  As well I will email you a link to connect to a special webinar that will explain in further detail, step-by step, how this could work the same for you.

I am so happy I chose to take a leap of faith, (lets face it-the rope was breaking- I could fall or I could leap). I entered my email address, trusting that I could opt out at any time. I have never looked back.

I have discovered an online business that now pays my bills and has taught me skills to share my message with the World.  The secrets of healing go way beyond just taking medication. Be sure to  «CLICK HERE»    and enter your email and I will send you more information on my mentors.

I look forward to connecting with you,


Dr. Ali Faulkingham Mother~Doctor~Entrepreneur