Life is too Precious to be all work and no play!

Leverage and put your current Degree to work for YOU! 

As an Internet Entrepreneur you can share your knowledge & create a world of Health&Happiness!

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 How This Will Change Your Life

  • Learn how to create any business online with this education - even if you don't have your own products and services

  • Learn what affiliate marketing is and how you can create income using it

  • Understand why everyone isn't earning income online-and how YOU can

  • Learn the key to success with an online business

  • Learn how to work from any location-all you need is an Internet connection

Why This Is Right For You

*A business model with minimal overhead

*Automation and it keeps working even when you aren't

*Geographical Freedom, all you need is a Wi-fi connection

*Ability to start part-time or full-time

*Unlimited income potential and financial freedom

How Can You Start

*No marketing or online skills are needed

* Enter your email and you will receive informative videos

*Watch the Free Videos and decide if this is right for you

*Receive a special offer for a 30 day risk free trial

*Become a member & access life-changing online skills

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 Why Not THIS Online Business

*It gives you mentors, tech support and a community 

*It requires no large capital investment 

*It has no income glass ceiling or required retirement  

*It is not a "get rich scheme" but is "earn while you learn"

*It focuses on online skills & personal development for life 

Create Wealth and The Life of Your Dreams! 

Develop an Online Business that matches how you have always wanted to Live your Life!.

What It Means To Have An OnLine Business

    Your Dream Awaits...
  • Sharing media online puts your message in front of millions of people
  • An online Business gives you the ability to reach out and change the world
  • Being an Online Entrepreneur-you can choose your hours & earning potential

By learning to create ads, webinars, e-books, videos and professional emails you will develop skills that you can use to further your purpose and finally do what you love. You will also learn to market these skills and become an affiliate marketer if you choose. This all has potential to improve your income while doing what you love. 

Imagine being able to afford spending time developing your passion and purpose, and at the same time, giving joy and opportunity to others. What could be better?!?!

What My Mentors Have Taught Me

  1. Life is too short to spend one more minute stressed!  There are so many ways to earn money and an internet business can be tailored to your time schedule and to what you love to do! 
  2. Nothing is Impossible!  This step-by-step training can guide even the beginner with no digital skills to an established on-line business owner. 
  3. You are Not Alone! Feeling supported along the way can make or break our success! This system is designed so there is always someone to contact if there are questions or problems. 

What the System Has to Offer You...

There  is an array of learning options for every type of learner.

  • Information filled trainings to address all your questions and concerns in real time.

    Weekly Training Webinars

  • Our team is just a click away. They are designated to answer any of your questions whenever you need them.

    Dedicated Support Team

  • This Virtual Back office is available to members to serve all the needs of an on-line Entrepeneur. This is where you will find your training videos, blogging instructions, Website domain and design.

    Digital Business Lounge

  • As soon as you submit your application, you will be assigned a system specialist who will be available to help guide you  on your  personalized journey.

    Personal System Consultant

    *Results may vary between individuals. Please read  full Disclaimer in the top menu*

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I value your trust and privacy.  I will not sell your email or SPAM you. I use AWeber Communications to securely store your information and will send you the SFM Video Series and other related emails. You can Unsubscribe at any time if this is not right for you. Please read disclaimer in the menu above.

Dr. Ali

Physician and Online Entrepreneur 

Alison E Faulkingham MD

Dr. Faulkingham has dedicated her life to caring for patients as well as a studying healing in all forms.

 I am a busy mother, wife and professional. Even though I have so much to be thankful for, before i started SFM, I had a MAJOR piece of my life missing. I wasn't living my purpose. I spent so much time caring for others, and working to pay the bills, I rarely to time to fulfill my dreams.This may seem strange coming from a doctor, but I always wanted to be a doctor who combined the best of both Western and Eastern healing traditions together to serve the individual patient. I now have the healing knowledge, AND, thanks to my mentors, a way to reach The World. I am FINALLY living my purpose AND helping others live theirs.

Get In Touch

Feel Free to contact me on my Website or Facebook Page with questions

About Dr.Ali

Dr. Ali has been a physician for over 18 years. She discovered her mentors and developed her on-line skills at a perfect time in her life. Her life's purpose is to teach all she has learned about True Healing and now she can! She invites YOU to learn these same skills and join her on your own personal journey discovering Your Purpose in whatever form that manifests for you. By learning to create your own on-line business , you too can design a lifestyle and career that reflects your True Self and Purpose.

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