Kick start Healing


Healing is a fluid process that is occurring in so many of our cells simultaneously, it would be a misnomer to think of healing as a goal that is either achieved, or not.


Our bodies are comprised of physical cells and chemicals all connected and infused by Spirit. There is no mistaking the difference between a body that is alive, and a body that is no longer alive. Trust me, there is a force that animates living objects, and for our current purpose let’s just call it the Miracle Glue of Life.


Our Cells are physical, there is no argument there. But they are involved in so many processes to keep us functioning on a daily bases, there is no statistical way that all that could happen with the grandiose plan of God. My definition may be different from your definition, but for the purpose of this discussion I am just referring to the “animator of all living things.”


There are many specific details that might create argument, but most of us agree, there are Living beings, there are bodies that once we’re living beings and then there is the rest of the objects that do not, and never will, contain Life. This course is focused on human beings, and we all, in order to be reading this right now, are alive.


It is this Life that sets us apart from our screen that we are reading this on right now, and it is our unique bodies that make us different from our dogs or cats. Animals have Spirits as well, but they don’t have to deal with our complex brains and even more complex minds. So for the sake of simplicity (as I like the rule of KSS-Keep it Simple Stupid), when I speak of Life, I am speaking of the human kind for now.


We humans are Spirits inhabiting bodies with brains that have developed intricate language to speak and think about what is not in the moment. It allows us to manipulate our environment and our environment no longer shapes us. We have stopped survival of the fittest and we now can arrange our lives ahead of time, as well as worry about what has not yet even come to pass. Therefore our stress is no longer being cold or hungry in the moment, but threats that may or may not affect us in the future as well.


Along with the millions of lives saved by current medical technology, we have also been able to diagnose illness that has not yet developed symptoms. We have been able to give individuals statics based on research for what there chances are that they will survive from there illness. We can advise what medication might work best and what procedures will be required.


If you are an individual who has received news you have an illness from your physician or you have an ailment you know you need a boost in the healing-direction, I would like to offer you these steps as a launch pad to healing. They are based on a holistic collection of my knowledge of many years as a practicing MD as well as studying healing through Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda and Reiki.


My life’s passion is to compile as much knowledge of healing as humanly possible in this life-time, and now to share my unique perspective with as many people as I can. There will be many formal books to come, but I realize that there are many suffering beings that require a boost before they can even feel good enough to be interested in “The Big Picture of Healing.”


So this 20-Day system is designed as a “launching pad to feel better.” To feel better enough for you to start living the life you desire. It is designed to give you hope that there are physicians out there like me who know that you are not just a number and that you would love to follow all the advice we give you to a T, but you just don’t feel good enough to be able to do that. I know, that you know, that you should eat-right and exercise. But these next twenty steps will hopefully give you enough tools and knowledge to give you strength to continually make the right choices on a path of healing.

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2)Can my Purpose change through Life of am I born with it?

3)Do I want to discover my Purpose?