How can I be asking you to think about others, when I have promised to help you learn more about you and your Purpose here on Earth? The truth about Purpose is… that we are living in these bodies to interact with other living beings and make connections. Otherwise, without relationships, we could just stay in Spirit form and never experience the exchange that comes with interacting with others. Therefore, making an impact on other’s lives and providing service and leaving a legacy has EVERYTHING to do with Your Purpose and you living a fulfilled life. It is why You are here. There are many people living unfulfilled lives who have wealth and talent, but they have lack of family, friends and community. The key is discovering what you are passionate about that can serve others AND make you fulfilled. I hope you stay connected for more Self Reflection Questions in the next videos to help you discover your Unique Calling.

Related Questions to Self-Reflect and Journal…

1) Which of my talents and passions do I like serving others?.

2)Which of my talents do I enjoy keeping just for myself?

3)Do I want to use my selected passion of service to Entertain, Inform, Inspire or Educate others?