As I watched my daughter’s High School coach scream at her from the sideline during a recent soccer game, I realized that FEAR is this coach’s favorite emotion to evoke in her players. This woman has won awards for being the best coach in our State and she uses fear to do it… I mean I realize that fear motivates some athletes to work harder,(kind of like whipping a horse), but this woman is rewarded by having a winning State-Champions Team for four years in a row!?! Fear is not a motivator for my daughter, she plays better when she is supported and has struggled with this coaches tactics for years. What I realized by watching this coach is that fear will never be my M.O.(modus operandi) for motivating others-no matter what I might gain. So what emotions DO I love to bring-out in others I help? Do you know your answer to “What emotions do you like to bring-out in others?”.. Laughter? Joy? Passion? Empowerment? I know this question sounds strange, but stick with me and you might just unlock a key to your Purpose… I hope you stay connected for more Self Reflection Questions in the next videos to help you discover your Unique Calling.

Related Questions to Self-Reflect and Journal…

1) What emotion do I like to bring out in others?

2)Fill in the Blank,”I love it when I have made this person______________(i.e laugh, motivate, improved self esteem, increased knowledge)”

3)…I want to be remembered as being a ____________(i.e. wise, inspiring, caring)