Have you ever wondered what qualities you would insist on in a business partner? We all have values. These show up in the qualities we prefer in our friends and business colleagues and the choices we make in Life. What would answer if I asked you, “Would you go into partnership with someone who didn’t have loyalty as a value?” “What about motivation, family, religion or compassion?” Discovering your values will help you figure out what qualities are most important to you. You can then use this guidance in all your future choices in relationships or business to create a life that is aligned with who you are. There is so much fulfillment once you stay consistent with your values! Be sure to watch and ask yourself for your own personal values. Stay connected for more Self Reflection Questions in the next videos to help you discover your Unique Calling.

Related Questions to Self-Reflect and Journal…

1) What are my Core Values?

2)Would I go into business with someone who didn’t have the same core value of(________insert your Core Value here)?

3)What are the Values I respect the most in my best freind or spouse?