Do you remember what characters you liked to play while you were pretending as a child? I can still remember how free it felt to be able to get lost in role play with my childhood friends. Why does life feel so much harder as an adult? I can answer that…RESPONSIBILITIES! Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and it is so important to me to provide them with an amazing life.. but sometimes adult-life can feel very serious and heavy. My first few grown-up jobs were not even close to the glorious Super-suit I adorned as a child. By living aligned with my purpose of sharing the connection of Body Mind and Purpose with you, I feel like a kid again! Aligned with what I am on this Earth to do! I want to help you do the same! Stay connected for more Self Reflection Questions in the next videos to help you discover your Unique Calling.

Related Questions to Self-Reflect and Journal…

1)What was my favorite type of Hero as a child?

2)Would I choose to pretend to be the doctor, cowboy or girl, or maybe the loving parent?

3)What did I want to be when I grew up?