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I see a World where I support and connect with Visionaries, to share our Knowledge and Compassion, so that we may Grow together by recognizing our Unique Skills, Wisdom and Purpose in the World. (Join My Facebook Group of Visionaries)

I mentor individuals who want to promote and share their knowledge Online to reach and serve more people via the Internet (See my Online Skills page for details.)

(Warning: If you want to work with someone who is exactly what you would expect from a business owner and doctor…I may not who you are looking for. See About Me below for more details.)

Am I a physician? Yes.

Do I practice Medicine as well as write ECourses and Mentor? Yes.

Can I help you or your team learn to make fast decisions and stay connected as you take action?-Yes… I have designed an E-Course to do exactly this (see my site for my ECourse offers.) 


My mission is to gather Like-Minded Individuals who support each other in our personal growth and hold each other accountable to take action to create a better World. (If this resonates with you please join my Facebook Group of “High Impact Visionaries with Dr.Ali”)

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About Me

~Communication is vital in all careers of service. Whether we are referring to medicine or business, the way we relate to each other is the foundation for all collaboration and progress.

~Dr.Ali has taken her skills to motivate and inspire patients, and has translated those strategies into business, marketing, or many other fields of human connection.

~Dr.Ali became educated in marketing with the intention to teach her message of Wellness to a larger audience. But instead, what she discovered, was her skills of speedy decision-making and communication were in much greater need by the World.

~She still promotes Wellness and Health, however her primary focus in her courses is to share her strategies of decision making, motivation and inspiration for all who have conversations and give presentations within their business and relationships.




I give all people I work with the same kindness and caring that I give to my friends and family.





I thrive on the human support and connection of those I serve.



Confidence in decision-making comes from an inner wisdom that we are all born with, but sometimes we need guidance to reveal.


The Flaws of Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making

The Flaws of Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making

I have never understood the term “Emotional Intelligence.” If this means that we should let our emotions make our decisions, then I have to disagree.
I have always looked at emotions as results of our thoughts. They are symptoms of all our past memories, and their use is to point our decisions in the direction away from pain or toward pleasure. They are consultants in this scenario and should be listened to and considered, but the final action should come from our minds.

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My Purpose is No Longer Enlightenment

My Purpose is No Longer Enlightenment

The past 20 years I’ve been on a Spiritual Journey, attending Workshops and reading hundreds of books, then reflecting inwardly, in pursuit of Enlightenment.

What I now realize is that I was born as a pure infant, already Enlightened. And what is meant to be happening to me, has been happening all my Life, it’s not a goal for me to reach.

I can be Enlightened when I die and return to Spirit form.

Today, what I, the Spirit in this body, REALLY want, is to feel as much as humanly possible. This is something I can’t do when I die.

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Discover Your Purpose

Discover Your Purpose

Are we born with a pre-set trajectory for who and how we are meant to serve in this Lifetime? The answer is both yes and no.
This may sound wishy-washy, but I do plan to explain…

I am sure that there are individuals I have met and will meet in the future, that we share an especially strong Soul-connection. You know how you get that deep, gut-wrenching or warm-tingly feeling with certain people you know? That qualifies as an “especially strong Soul-connection.” You know that no matter what happens, you will always be connected.

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