Are We Born with a Purpose?

Are we born with a pre-set trajectory for who and how we are meant to serve in this Lifetime? The answer is both yes and no.

This may sound wishy-washy, but I do plan to explain…

I am sure that there are individuals I have met and will meet in the future, that we share an especially strong Soul-connection. You know how you get that deep, gut-wrenching or warm-tingly feeling with certain people you know? That qualifies as an “especially strong Soul-connection.” You know that no matter what happens, you will always be connected.

What is great about how this works, is that you don’t have to feel obligated to DO anything about it. The outcome of your relationships are not pre-set. How it plays out is up to you. That is the free-will part of being a human.

So what about the numbers of people you haven’t met yet that you know (like I do) that you were put on This Earth to meet or serve? And how can you possibly accomplish all that you are meant to do in such a finite Lifetime? After all, Life is so busy that I often feel I am barely doing my husband and children justice-let alone the rest of The World!

But alas, I still have that nagging feeling that there is something I am supposed to accomplish before I leave This Earth. Something Bigger than even being a great Mom and Doctor. I want to Help more and Serve more.

I want to leave a legacy…make an impact on the masses…and give,give,give!!!

So…Is that My Calling or My Karma?

I differentiate a “calling” as more of a free-will or a choice that we have to “hone-in-on.” It is something that we as individuals love to do and choose to give to The World. It’s more of a pull from our future to fulfill our goals and desires.

Karma” is different from a “Purpose or Calling” because it refers more to energies that happen to us. Granted they happen because of our choices,and we create these energies and events that happen to us-but I believe we have more choice than just an action-reaction cascade of events.

A Purpose, to me, is about recognizing all of your God-Given talents, passions, and Soul-relationships as part of who you are and DEFINING FOR YOURSELF which path to choose that feels right for you.

There is no pre-set right or wrong path for you. There is no-one who’s Life is on hold because you haven’t reached or helped them yet.

There is only now and a future from now, that when you get in touch with all that you are today, you can make an impact on the masses. Each time you choose to give of yourself, you are FULFILLING YOUR PURPOSE-no matter how many people your reach. Reach one today and expand that tomorrow..

Giving to The Masses Fulfills our Purpose

So how do we go from discovering our purpose to fulfilling our purpose? WE REACH PEOPLE!

A purpose can’t be fulfilled unless you give to someone!!!! Better yet-millions of someones!

We are on this Earth to have relationships-to interact with other beings. Even if it is our furry-four-legged friends, it is still something we only can do while we are alive! Once we are in Spirit, we are all connected and there is no “other” to give to.

These bodies may separate us, but they also give us the opportunity to feel Love for another being and from another being.

The more relationships we have-the more Love-and therefore leads to MORE FULFILLMENT OF OUR PURPOSE.

This is why I chose to learn Internet skills. As painful as it was at first to learn a whole new language of “URLs and HyperLinks,” it was worth it when the end goal meant I could up-my-impact and reach more people and…


Simply stated: A purpose is fulfilled when you discover your true passions and talents and SHARE them with The World.

I knew what message I wanted to give The World, but I had no way to share it…until I learned digital skills from Six Figure Mentors(SFM).

Now I design my own Blog and Website (which SFM hosts for me) and I have the ability to host Webinars, E-courses and E-books. The possibilities of my reach are endless! And I don’t have to work that hard because so much is recorded and runs on automatic. This means more time for me to spend with people. It’s a win-win!

My reach must be working…YOU are reading this after all!

So What is YOUR Purpose to Fulfill?

We all have unique skill sets. There is no one but YOU that can determine what you are meant to give The World, but I can assure you that once you start living your true potential and serving others, you will become fulfilled.

If you know your purpose already… Great! It is time to reach others with your talents! I can help and connect you with the right resources to make that happen so you can REACH more and more people. You can even turn this into your business or increase the reach of your existing business like I did by learning online skills!

Whichever above category you fall into (knowing your Purpose or Discovering Your Purpose), please don’t hesitate to sign up for my emails and Free Workshops to Learn More!


Dr. Ali Faulkingham MD

A Purpose is Fulfilled when you Discover your True Passions and Talents and SHARE them with The World!Dr.Ali