The past 20 years I’ve been on a Spiritual Journey, attending Workshops and reading hundreds of books, then reflecting inwardly, in pursuit of Enlightenment.

What I now realize is that I was born as a pure infant, already Enlightened. And what is meant to be happening to me, has been happening all my Life, it’s not a goal for me to reach.

I can be Enlightened when I die and return to Spirit form.

Today, what I, the Spirit in this body, REALLY want, is to feel as much as humanly possible. This is something I can’t do when I die.

Do I hope for more suffering like the divorce of my parents or the dysentery I suffered in Africa? No.

But without that memory of deep pain and sorrow, I would not be able to be who I am today and, in comparison, have the appreciation for my health and happiness.

Our human nature is to want to figure out “why we are here,” and “why things happen to us.” The humbling truth is that our brains aren’t big enough to decipher all the ways of the Universe.

We are here to FEEL and EXPERIENCE all that we can, not necessarily know “why.”

Instead of wanting my end goal to be a complete compilation of secrets and answers from the Universe (a.k.a Enlightenment,) I now choose complete connection to my human-ness and all that this Earth and Living Beings have to show me.

That is my new definition of Purpose.

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Best Wishes-Dr.Ali